Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden?

resized rain gardens 2 A rain garden is a garden with a shallow depression that captures runoff from impervious surfaces, such as rooftops, patios, driveways, and parking lots, before it enters the storm water system. Rain gardens can be customized and are limited only by the resources and time you want to put into them. They use natural processes to improve water quality by filtering pollutants and reducing the amount of storm water runoff. The water easily infiltrates into the soil because of the deep roots of the native plants and recharges the groundwater supply.

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In 2013, Bluegrass Greensource received a grant through the Kentucky’s Division of Water to conduct an education program about rain gardens. With this grant Bluegrass Greensource will continue to work with community partners to maintain a rain garden program by leading workshops about rain garden benefits on water quality and quantity, encouraging their construction, and keeping a register of rain gardens built in Central Kentucky.

Grant Opportunities

Bluegrass Greensource will be hosting rain garden workshops sponsored by the Kentucky Division of Water. These workshops are open to the public and participants may be eligible to receive a $250 grant for native plants. 

This grant will offer residents of  Jessamine, Scott, Madison, Clark, Bourbon, Woodford, and Fayette Counties educational opportunities as well as possible funds for plant materials.

Upcoming Workshops

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Additional Resources:

Read our brochure about rain gardens and all they have to offer, courtesy of the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government.

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